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The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park Rest House

The rest house is located at the end of Motoyasu Bridge, which connects the World Heritage Site of the Atomic Bomb Dome (Naka Ward, Hiroshima City) and Peace Memorial Park. The rest house is an A-bombed building based on the at the time retro-modern Taishoya Kimono Shop built in 1929. The building was renovated and reopened in July 2020 as a tourist information center and rest area for the city of Hiroshima. The A-bombed building, restored to its original form, will serve as a starting point for connecting visitors to the Peace Memorial Park with various attractions such as history, regional development, and tourism. It serves as a place to pass on memories of peace culture to visitors, and it is a center of exchange to learn about and experience the charms of Hiroshima expanding the wings of our imagination.

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